Walking Tours of Cambridge Colleges

We have been running our highly acclaimed walking tours of Cambridge for nearly 20 years.  There is perhaps no place in the world which better displays the fruitful interplay between science, Christian faith, and intellectual and moral progress. This is due to the scientific and moral achievements of Cambridge luminaries, including Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, William Wilberforce, and James Clark Maxwell. Come along to explore the beautiful streets and buildings of the city, and learn about some of the people who helped to shape Western civilization. 
Regular Scheduled Walking Tours

2pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (see booking form for specific dates)

2.30pm Sundays

The cost is £10 per person and £8 for students. Each walk lasts around 90 minutes.
To reserve a space on a scheduled walk, please complete our booking form.

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C S Lewis Walk

2017 CS Lewis Tours have finished for 2017 and will resume in summer 2018

Visit some of the most significant spots frequented by CS Lewis whilst in Cambridge, and learn more about his impact on Christianity. 


Reformation Walking Tours

By Special Request

The Protestant Reformation was a key event in creating the modern world and in forming the English national identity. It revitalised Christianity, it gave us the bible in English, established the Church of England and other Protestant denominations, it raised the status of marriage and the family, it encouraged literacy and education, it empowered ordinary people and helped to promote parliamentary government and, last but not least the United States of America was founded under its influence.

Was the Reformation all good?  No. There was iconoclasm, witch-burning, intolerance and religious strife, which compromised the story but did not overshadow its enormous achievements. In all this Cambridge was central and crucial. To best understand and appreciate the story you can go on a Reformation Walk and see the sites – churches, colleges and hear about the people – bible scholars, preachers and martyrs in the drama that still influences us to this day. Request a Reformation tour here.

Mandarin Walking Tours

11am 1st Saturday of Every Month

Explore the history and culture of Cambridge with our professional Mandarain speaking guide. The tour includes entrance to the Round Church Visitor Centre and a couple colleges (colleges may be closed periodically). Book a Mandarin tour here

Arrange a Private Group Tour

Minimum charge for private tour £30.

Walking tours available in either English or Mandarin.
Please book online in advance.

Prices vary for Professional International Tour Companies - contact for a quote.