We look to the Lord for the financial provision in carrying out our work.  It is both humbling and thrilling to witness how he calls individuals to participate in the building of his Kingdom through giving. We are deeply thankful to our donors, and trust that God uses their gifts of generosity as much for their own blessing, as for ours.

Donations received are currently being directed to the following endeavours:

Round Church Study Centre

  • Recouping costs for the addition of desks, furniture, and lighting to the Scriptorium
  • Ongoing hospitality expenses as we provide refreshments and meals for the Scriptorium 

Round Church Visitor Centre

  • Reshooting the ‘Saints and Scholars’ film on the history of the university;  installation of a new screen and audio headsets
  • Production and installation of an exhibition on the Round Church

We are very grateful for any financial support you can offer, large or small, regularly or as a one-off gift. We will keep you up-to-date with developments here by email or by post, as you prefer. Please notify us by email if you do not want to be included in updates. We do not share any details with third parties. 

We are a registered charity (no. 1076750). For more information on the work of Christian Heritage, please join our mailing list.