Recovering the Past, Challenging the Present, Shaping the Future

Round Church | Christian Heritage, Cambridge is housed inside the historic Round Church (c.1130) and has often been called L'Abri in the city, due to our history and ethos. We are a thoughtful community, serving with hospitality to the academic community of Cambridge through our two main branches: Round Church Study Centre and Round Church Visitor Centre.

We believe that Christianity speaks to all aspects of life and is not only intellectually credible, but also our foundational belief is that Christianity as found in the Bible is true. This means that a commitment to the God of the Bible is rational and that faith is never divorced from reason. Moreover, because Christianity is true, not only can it be discussed intellectually, it can also be passionately imagined and practically lived out as the Truth. Furthermore, we believe that the life-affirming truth of Christianity speaks to all of human life and thought. This means our lives are not divided between "sacred" and "secular" activities, and that Christian faith integrates all of human life, including our minds, our hearts, our work, our play, and our relationships. This also means that art, history, philosophy, economics, psychology, education, politics, science, contemporary society, and all other realms of thought can be examined from a Biblical viewpoint.

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